Program Plans

Much of what we plan to do will reflect closely on the program run in the past. However, we have the opportunity to offer programs more generalized to any youth. While we are still formalizing plans, some of the programs we hope to offer include:

  • Wilderness Survival clinic
  • Shooting sports clinic
  • Swimming/Lifesaving clinic
  • Boating clinic
  • Climbing clinic
  • C.O.P.E. clinic
  • Team Building
  • Conservation
  • Leadership

*Each clinic would be approximately 4 days long and would be an intensified training in the subject.

We do not plan on competing with existing Boy Scout Camps or offering competing programs, and no not see our future customer bases overlapping.

Program Needs:

While we hope to be able to secure many of the existing program supplies already at camp, we have to assume that most, if not all, of them will have been relocated to the other camps owned by the Pathway to Adventure Council. Therefore, we are compiling a list of our program needs as well as the anticipated cost. If you have a connection to a potential donation or a way to purchase them at a discounted price, please let us know.